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Well, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and what better day to wear green? Coming from a mostly Irish region of the country, anyone not wearing green looks like a freak. However, the holiday has been so Americanized that it is mostly celebrated as a “feast day”.

The holiday, as its name suggests, is named after Saint Patrick who lived around 400 AD, and is one of the most commonly recognized patron saints of Ireland. Believe it or not, the holiday was originally associated with the color blue, but over the years, Saint Patrick’s Day and green stuck together like glue. Green ribbons and shamrocks are often worn on this March 17th holiday as early as the 1600s! In the late 1700s, however, a few Irish soldiers made a political statement by wearing all green uniforms, and well, the tradition stuck.

The Chicago River on St Patricks Day

The holiday also started as a day off from the Christian season of Lent, thus alcohol comes into the picture. It was officially pronounced a “feast day” in the early 1600s and a holy day of obligation for the Roman Catholic Irish. Nowadays, this originally Catholic holiday is celebrated all throughout the Western world.

The biggest Saint Patrick’s Day parade is held right here in nearby New York City! More than 2 million spectators line the 1.5 miles of 5th Ave. The 5-hour-long parade features hundreds of thousands of marchers participating in it: what other way to boast about your city than saying it has one of the most popular St. Paddy’s Day parades in the world, let alone being in a heavily Irish area.

Does your family have any March 17th traditions? Do you head out to the pub or talk to the local leprechaun? Share your secrets below! Check out the NYC St. Patrick’s Day 2009 Parade video below also:


Last night, billions of people celebrated the coming of the new year (and decade), 2010. Yet there’s no better place to celebrate the new year than in New York: Times Square. Despite the fact that I couldn’t be there, I could tune in on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Special with Ryan Seacrest on ABC. This was the first time in about 5 years that I was celebrating New Year’s at home, and I believe it was the first time ever that I stayed up and watched a New Year’s special at home, so I was obviously new to it. The first entertainer of the night I saw was J-Lo, who sang various songs including one of my favorites, “Let’s Get Loud”. And of course, Ryan Seacrest had to bring some American Idol into this and call a break at a suspenseful moment. Go figure.

After switching through channels for about 3 minutes, I went back to ABC and saw Chris Daughtry and Marc Anthony on, but I didn’t see them perform. Bummer. They were ‘interviewed’ for a short 2 minutes in total until it was about 11:58. That’s when I learned these interesting facts (comment if you already knew these or if you have any other astonishing info about the ball): the crystal ball in New York has 32,256 LED lights and weighs a whopping 12,000 pounds. Let’s see Hercules pick that up.

Finally, the moment we were waiting for came. 11:59:50. The 10 second countdown seemed to last relatively short compared to the time before it. When the clock struck midnight, I could see everyone celebrating on TV as confetti fell and I could hear fireworks in the distance. Yet I never saw the ball drop, let alone see the ball after 11:58. Either way, I was excited and wished all my tweeps a Happy New Year!

The crystal ball in New York weighs a whopping 12,000 pounds.

Afterwards, the first performers I saw in the new decade were the Black Eyed Peas singing “Boom Boom Pow”. Fergie was just working up a storm singing and dancing like 2012 was tomorrow and it was her last performance ever. Unfortunately, I was too tired to stay up any longer and I missed people like Colbie Caillat, Justin Bieber, Kris Allen, Selena Gomez, Robin Thicke, and Keri Hilson (sure isn’t my cup of tea!). I just learned that their Las Vegas performances from the Aria Hotel were pre-recorded. I guess next time I’ll have to record it too.

Happy New Year to all,