Sadly, Stephanie Meyer’s hit book and soon-to-be-film Eclipse isn’t coming out on the same day as the next lunar eclipse. But don’t let that bring you down, they aren’t too far apart!

The next lunar eclipse will occur on Saturday, June 26, 2010. Anyone from Karachi (viewable at moonrise) to Rio (viewable at moonset) could have the possibility to see it, but unfortunately for the Québécois and the people of Maine, you won’t have this opportunity. The closer to Hawaii you are, the more likely you will see it.

The romantic-fantasy film, Eclipse, however, will premiere 4 days later: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, so you can still have that magnificent sight in your head while watching it. I don’t think it will be as good as Twilight or New Moon, but the previous movies have appealed to so many people that it won’t have any problems in being successful.

In contrast to @ShutterBugGeek, I will probably not read the book. Of course, many people say the book is better, but then they are disappointed in the movie for leaving out many details. I have been told numerous times, starting around 2007, to read The Twilight Saga, but I have never gotten accustomed to reading them, unlike Harry Potter though.

While I was visiting Vancouver this summer (the city where they film part of the TS), there was much commotion about the new movie being filmed there, and I was advised to look out for the letters “TSE”: Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Unfortunately, I couldn’t snag any pictures while visiting, but I have managed to obtain this not-so-very-secret-anymore preview (make sure you watch it in 720p for best experience!):