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Lately, Larry Platt’s song,”Pants on the Ground”, has been viral. But the original version is not the only one out there. Today, I compared many different remixes of the song and have limited it down to the best.

Larry Platt (Ke$ha – Tik Tok Remix) – Pants on the Ground:

Larry Platt (“The Official” Remix) – Pants on the Ground:

Larry Platt (Gangster Remix) – Pants on the Ground:

Larry Platt (D.J. Monopoli Remix) – Pants on the Ground:

Larry Platt (DJ Ross Remix) – Pants on the Ground:

Larry Platt (FoQMix) – Pants on the Ground:

Larry Platt (Run This Town Remix) – Pants on the Ground:

Larry Platt (Alvin and the Chipmunks Remix) – Pants on the Ground:

Well, those are some of the POTG Remixes. If you have any more to add, just comment and I’ll add it after approved! Remember to keep those pants up 😉


I’ve always been interested in first class as a young boy, but ever since I got upgraded to business class on my flight from Germany to New York, I have taken a special liking to this topic. Despite not having been on a first class seat ever, I took the time to research some good first class seats and I have narrowed it down to the ten best.

10. Qantas Airways

This Australian airline offers lounges in Sydney and Melbourne that have a library, a fine-dining restaurant, a business center and a spa that offers massages. Seats onboard are 6.5 feet long, and entertainment is video on-demand (400 channels). The designer silk toiletry kits–Akira Isogawa for men, Collete Dinnigan for women–are stuffed with Payot products. Meals are eight-course affairs. Even in economy class on some of the models, you have a self-serve bar (non-alcoholic drinks).

9. Air France

Air France features seats that feel like they were ripped right out of your den. Sporting side-by-side recliners that fold out into flat beds, these beefed-up seats in the first-class cabin make sure that you and your eight fellow travelers feel right at home. Air France stepped up its first-class offering in response to the new airlines rolling off the assembly line. The cabin reflects the idea of a French work experience, which is to say it’s comfortable and light on the actual work.

8. Lufthansa

This airline, ranked eight on the top-10 list, is a star performer on the ground. When fliers arrive at Frankfurt Airport, they lounge on couches and sip drinks while an attendant checks them in. After clearing security, they are led to a lounge where a chef cooks any meal of their choice. When it’s time to board, they are driven to the aircraft in a Mercedes. Comfortable lie-flat seats and efficient service await them onboard.

7. American Airlines

American Airlines has been pushing the envelope in productivity onboard an airline. Introducing what they call the “flagship suite,” the emphasis is on prepping for that meeting in Taipei while in the air. Features like swivel seating that lets you meet face-to-face with coworkers, laptop power outlets at each seat and individual satellite phones you’ll find everything you need to work right from your seat — which also carries an unintended downside. When your company books you first class on one of American’s 777s, you’ll have little chance to sample the spa-like amenity kits.

6. Air Canada

The first-class seats on Air Canada feel quite a bit like a futuristic office cubicle, which in a way could doom us all. With a lie-flat bed, ergonomically designed seats and laptop power and data jacks, Air Canada has entered the list with a completely competent, plush and well-designed first-class experience. The in-flight entertainment is top-notch, with individual armrest screens, three days worth of on-demand video, individual DVD players, and premium news — you’ll never be out of the loop. Hopefully, office managers don’t fly Air Canada too often, otherwise, they’d never be in the office.

5. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways has taken your seat and wrapped it in high, curving walls. Flying then becomes almost a pod-like experience. Everything from your own personal monitor to your slide-out dinner table is contained within your own space. Personal space is something airlines have been shedding at every possible turn, so it’s good to see that All Nippon is building that personal area back into its first-class section. Each pod has all the basics covered for work and play. All Nippon Airways makes sure you’ll be able to make a call on your personal satellite phone while working on your laptop powered by your own outlet. And they make sure you can do so in complete privacy.

4. Emirates

You really have to hand it to the Emirates right now, they are taking outside-the-box thinking to an entirely new level. Want to travel to Dubai and see some of the outrageous architecture they’re working on? Go ahead and do it in style on board Emirates first class, which has taken the revolutionary concept of a private bedroom in air travel and added that touch of ridiculous. In addition to the flat-screen TV and requisite bed, you’ll find that you have your own coat closet, vanity desk and personal mini-bar. If that third gin and tonic has you a bit apprehensive about your flight, you can monitor the whole thing on your personal TV via the series of cameras mounted all over the plane.

3. Cathay Pacific

Seats here become ‘suites,’ thanks to sliding panels that provide total privacy. They turn into 81-inch-long beds and have built-in massagers. Each flier also gets a personal closet to store belongings. Cathay got high marks for its food: It’s one of the only carriers to have rice cookers, skillets and toasters onboard, so parts of meals are prepared fresh, like eggs made to order.

2. Qatar Airways

Flying first-class here means access to a separate terminal in Doha that mimics a five-star hotel with several fine-dining restaurants, a medical center, and a spa with sauna and Jacuzzi. On board passengers get caviar service, full-size pillows, white linen mattresses, Australian wool blankets and Bulgari toiletry kits. The seats are 79 inches long, have 15-inch LCD screens and come with a 23-inch meal table that allows dining for two, just as in a restaurant.

1. Singapore Air

Far and away the best experience possible in any first-class section anywhere in the world; Singapore Air doesn’t just provide a private bedroom, it provides a private suite. It’s not even really a suite, it’s like a flying apartment. Every other offering on the list has a seat that turns into a rather comfortable bed. Singapore decided that was cheating and not quite kosher with the stress of international business. The airline will just give you a comfortable recliner and set it right next to your static bed designed by Jean-Jacques Coste. You get a chair and a bed in the single cabins. If you happen to be traveling with someone, the option of a double bed is available. This is the absolute best experience you can have flying with any other passenger on board with you.

That’s it! Which one of these do you think should be #1? Did I leave out any airlines? Comment below and tell me what you think of my list. Thanks for reading!

Last night, billions of people celebrated the coming of the new year (and decade), 2010. Yet there’s no better place to celebrate the new year than in New York: Times Square. Despite the fact that I couldn’t be there, I could tune in on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Special with Ryan Seacrest on ABC. This was the first time in about 5 years that I was celebrating New Year’s at home, and I believe it was the first time ever that I stayed up and watched a New Year’s special at home, so I was obviously new to it. The first entertainer of the night I saw was J-Lo, who sang various songs including one of my favorites, “Let’s Get Loud”. And of course, Ryan Seacrest had to bring some American Idol into this and call a break at a suspenseful moment. Go figure.

After switching through channels for about 3 minutes, I went back to ABC and saw Chris Daughtry and Marc Anthony on, but I didn’t see them perform. Bummer. They were ‘interviewed’ for a short 2 minutes in total until it was about 11:58. That’s when I learned these interesting facts (comment if you already knew these or if you have any other astonishing info about the ball): the crystal ball in New York has 32,256 LED lights and weighs a whopping 12,000 pounds. Let’s see Hercules pick that up.

Finally, the moment we were waiting for came. 11:59:50. The 10 second countdown seemed to last relatively short compared to the time before it. When the clock struck midnight, I could see everyone celebrating on TV as confetti fell and I could hear fireworks in the distance. Yet I never saw the ball drop, let alone see the ball after 11:58. Either way, I was excited and wished all my tweeps a Happy New Year!

The crystal ball in New York weighs a whopping 12,000 pounds.

Afterwards, the first performers I saw in the new decade were the Black Eyed Peas singing “Boom Boom Pow”. Fergie was just working up a storm singing and dancing like 2012 was tomorrow and it was her last performance ever. Unfortunately, I was too tired to stay up any longer and I missed people like Colbie Caillat, Justin Bieber, Kris Allen, Selena Gomez, Robin Thicke, and Keri Hilson (sure isn’t my cup of tea!). I just learned that their Las Vegas performances from the Aria Hotel were pre-recorded. I guess next time I’ll have to record it too.

Happy New Year to all,